My Story

My fertility journey has been my life’s greatest challenge. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamt of being a mother,but life doesn’t always go to plan.

This is my story, with its tight turns and steep slopes. Strap yourself in and get ready to ride the ups and downs of my fertility roller-coaster.


August 3

A little Leo is born

A little Leo is born, that’s me! 01
July 14

Perfect Pete was born

My Pete made his earth entrance (the cutest kid ever! Our Sprouts will be blessed to have his cheeky little smile).
June 1

I always dreamt of being a mum

As a child, I always dreamt of being a young mum (just like my mum holding her first baby here). I was always that girl cuddling my soft toy, playing with dolls and cooing over any baby in sight. 05
August 3

The early years

The early years were filled with lots of fun and love. 07
February 18

Off to high school

Off to high school I go.
March 1

Finish Uni… Hello world…

I finish my Early Childhood Education studies and move to London to travel the world. 10
May 1

Back to Sydney

Living back in Sydney during my late 20s and early 30s, I live life to the fullest. Meanwhile my sister, brother and friends all around me are getting married and having babies.
June 20

My first real experience of tragedy

My first real experience of tragedy and baby loss when my sister gives birth to her stillborn daughter, Amelia.
November 21

Met the man of my dreams

Met the man of my dreams at our Fitness Training Christmas party.
May 11

We are engaged!

We are engaged! Yay! We decide to start trying for babies. We work with our fabulous naturopath, Tabitha McIntosh in the hope of getting our bodies in tiptop baby-making shape.
August 19

We are married in a love spectacular

We are married in a love spectacular – best day of my life! We have dreams of conceiving on our honeymoon and shouting our fabulous baby news from the rooftop.
February 1

With no sign of a baby on the way

With no sign of a baby on the way we visit a Fertility Specialist who informs us that with my low ovarian reserve our chances of conceiving with IVF or naturally are only 1%. He recommends investigatory surgery immediately.
March 1

Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy surgery

Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy surgery to look for endometriosis or any other problems. All clear (pristine was the doc’s report). We were told to go away and try naturally for 3 months.
September 1

IVF #1

IVF #1 - Still no news on the baby-making front, we jump into our first IVF cycle. We retrieve 3 eggs, but only 1 egg fertilises. Transfer done, but it’s a negative result.
October 1

IVF #2

IVF #2 – Cancelled cycle due to low estrogen.
December 1

IVF #3

IVF #3 – We get 1 egg, it fertilises and we transfer the day after our house is flooded. We get a negative result - 3 days after Christmas.
February 6

IVF #4

IVF #4 – 1 egg collected, but no fertilisation, therefore no transfer.
March 22

IVF #5

IVF #5 - Cancelled cycle due to high estrogen on first blood test. We start working with our amazing natural fertility specialist, Elizabeth Mucci.
April 4

IVF #6

IVF #6 - The worst retrieval eve, when we were delivered the news that they couldn’t retrieve any eggs. WTF! Our doctor recommends donor eggs as our best way forward and we decide to seek other opinions. We are not ready to give up on our own eggs yet. My mum and I take off for Miami and New York. In Miami I visit a natural fertility clinic for treatment. In New York I talk to 2 IVF doctors about doing IVF there (at this stage we decide to continue treatment in Australia, we weren’t convinced New York had anything new to offer).
May 18

We decide no more IVF for now

We decide no more IVF for now, we’ll continue working with our natural fertility specialist, and give the natural therapy from Miami a chance to have effect.
June 3

Still no baby in sight

Still no baby in sight, we decide its time to try our hand at IVF once again with a new fertility specialist.
July 12

IVF #7

IVF #7 – Our new fertility specialist wants us to try Natural IVF. Everything is looking perfect up to retrieval, it’s a dream cycle hormonally and we come crashing down once again when we are delivered the news we got no eggs.
August 7

My 40th Birthday

My 40th Birthday - I seriously thought we’d have kids by now… we celebrate my 40 years in Hamilton Island. Back in Sydney IVF #7 is a flop as my cycle is once again cancelled due to crazy hormones.
September 10

IVF #8 and #9

IVF #8 – I’m the chick with no eggs once again. For the third time we get no eggs at retrieval time. IVF #9 – My gorgeous angel sister donates her eggs to us. For the first time ever we have 4 frozen embryos. I’m not ready to give up on my eggs yet, so for now our 4 little frosties are in safe keeping.
October 18

IVF #10

IVF #10 – For the 4th time we are devastated with no eggs at retrieval time.
November 4

Again we decide no more IVF for now

Again we decide no more IVF for now and take some time out to try naturally again. We hit the road and move to Byron Bay for 9 weeks to take some time out from fertility and Sydney life.
May 1

World Travellers

Still no baby on board, we decide to shake things up and venture overseas for 6 months (after all everyone advised us a good holiday is just what we need to fall pregnant!) We have friends getting married in Boracay and England and we then visit my brother and his girlfriend in London. We spend the summer travelling Europe to escape our baby blues – its complete bliss… 20-story-2
November 8

Back in Sydney we reassess our options

Back in Sydney we reassess our options and decide it might be time to start thinking about our next steps - using our donor eggs.
January 2

Amazing new fertility specialist

We visit an amazing new fertility specialist and he said ‘we need to get you pregnant’, 5 years is too long. We talk about using our frozen embryos, but first we’ll try one last time with my own eggs.
February 1

IVF #11

IVF #11 – After 22 days injecting myself with FSH, our cycle is cancelled due to low estrogen levels.
March 10

IVF #12 and IVF #13

IVF #12 – We make it to retrieval and once again get no eggs for the 5th time… We will never go through IVF with my own eggs again – we cannot put ourselves through this again. We decide to accept the gift of my sister’s eggs. IVF#13 - My gorgeous sister wants to do one more round of IVF for us before her 40th birthday in Noosa. We are so blessed to have her. This time we get 2 frozen embryos. We now have 6 Sprouts on ice.
April 1

We transfer 2 embryos, but unfortunately…

We transfer 2 embryos, but unfortunately it’s not our time and it’s a negative pregnancy. Through the sadness of this day there is much celebration as my Pete graduates with his MBA (so proud). We start a new donor cycle ready to transfer 2 of our embryos. Unfortunately my hormones are crazy and erratic and my transfer is cancelled. 22-story-2
May 20

We wait and wait

We wait and wait, and wait some more – we need my hormones to regulate for my next transfer, but they are not playing the game. For now its regular bloods tests and a lesson in patience.