Happy Peeps

I love talking to Rachel and somehow our connection seems even more special because we've come together across the ocean (I’m in London)!

Rachel makes me feel positive, which isn’t always easy after three years, and shares loads of amazing information and new approaches.

I’m a big fan of the RaMaDaSa meditation now and am focusing on healing my mind and body. I think everyone on this journey needs a helping hand and a boost and Rachel does just that. She has such a beautiful soul and her hope and positivity are contagious.
Rachel is a fountain of knowledge on all things wellness, nutrition and fertility. She lives and breathes her message of positivity, good health and that anything is possible. Through her own experience, Rachel has helped me immensely with keeping myself and my relationship sane throughout the ups and downs of the fertility rollercoaster.

It has been incredibly valuable to have Rach as a shoulder to cry on, a compassionate ear to listen and someone to laugh with when things have seemed a bit crazy.

She has truly been an angel motivating and supporting me through my own fertility journey.

Discovering the Sprout community was like a breath of fresh air.

Its difficult for people that aren’t experiencing fertility difficulties its to understand what your going through. So to find a community of supportive, understanding women has been so wonderful. Especially as I have experienced two miscarriages in the previous year, its been great to have the support of other women who understand and offer support.
Tanya Doherty beachfitandwellbeing.com
I met Rachel two years ago, right after our fourth failed attempt of IVF. Rachel was one of six in our IVF support group. In these two years we all went through major emotional roller-coaster rides due to our IVF, most of us kept doing the same procedures losing hope finding hope again to lose it once again…but not Rachel.

She always sought out new alternatives she travelled to the other side of the world, she showed us that there was always hope and there is always something more to do and try. Her spirit and energy never cease to amaze me.

We are now extremely happy parents of a little gorgeous girl and for me Rachel will always be my angel of hope.
Infertility can be such a lonely journey. Although I’m lucky to have amazing friends and family and a super supportive husband, you still sometimes feel that no-one really ‘gets’ it. That’s where Rachel and the Sprout community come in. It’s magic to be amongst people who totally understand, who know exactly how it feels and more than that, who give each other hope, and encouragement and cheer each other on as we all tread through the highs and lows along our own personal infertility paths.

It’s a place to go to for support, reassurance, to learn from each other, or sometimes just to have a good old rant and know that just when you’re feeling a tiny bit hopeless about it all, someone will remind you to keep hoping, to not give up and mostly that you’re not alone.

I feel so lucky to have found Rachel and the awesome community she’s worked so hard to build.

I’m not sure she fully knows the difference she makes, but I’m certain I’m not alone when I say that her own positivity, kindness and strength are infectious and have made a world of difference to so many of us.
Caroline Stafford
Has your path ever crossed with someone that is just so divine, and elegant but also so graceful and whose energy is just filled with nothing but love?

Well that is Rachel. She is a rare gem. I for one am so, so very grateful that our paths crossed a year ago when I came across her blog, at the time I was injecting myself with all those lovely IVF needles!! And I felt so alone.

That blog changed my life, I was then welcomed into this community with nothing but open arms and heartfelt love, today I am still embraced with that love and support which has seen me through some up’s and down on my own journey as it has progressed.

I have also got to know so many lovely ladies and have gone on to make life long beautiful friends, all because of Rachel and what she offers. Thank you Rachel, for being you and what you give to the world.
Karen Humphries coloursofthegoddess.com

Rach was an incredible support to me during my IVF treatment.

As most things with IVF don’t always go to plan, it was great to have someone to talk to that understood the process, how you feel at different stages of the treatment and how to manage the roller coaster of emotions along the way from a personal, emotional, nutritional and practical perspective. Thank you Rach for your beautiful support and strategies along the way.
Having a team of supporters to cheer you on and help you through the tougher moments of this journey is invaluable.

The community Rachel has created is so unique, with women from all around the globe sharing, trusting and giving each other hope...

Ashlea Kerr glamourcoastalliving.blogspot
Rachel is a woman after my own healthy eating and wellness heart. Her passion for living your best fertile-selfthrough nutrition and wholesome cooking is an inspiration.

I am forever grateful for the support and guidance Rachel has given me, and continues to give.

Jessie homeamongstthegreen.com