Giving Back

As a somewhat new business I am always on the lookout to support both organisations and individuals in our fertility challenged world.

Sprout & Co. is proud to give back to some amazing groups and individuals. Take a look and get involved by donating or volunteering if you can.

Stillbirth Foundation Australia

Amelia Grosvenor

Amelia Grosvenor

In memory of Amelia Grosvenor, forever in our hearts.

On 20th June 2007, my sisters’ baby girl was tragically born sleeping. Suz was full-term and unbeknown to her, had a rare obstetric complication called Vasa Previa. Amelia, as her baby was named, will forever be her‘special angel’, always in her heart (and ours too). Amelia was born with pure love and an innocence that can never be lost. In her very short life she touched our hearts deeply and taught us so much.

Seeing my sister so broken, so grief stricken - holding her baby girl in the hospital bed, shattered my heart into a million pieces (I can’t even begin to imagine what it did to Suz). It was cruel and downright unfair – no one should have to go through this. Her days were dark… her pain so deep… there seemed no hope.

The Stillbirth Foundation offered a glimmer of hope in Suz’s darkest days. Through various events and networking opportunitiesthey offered, Suz found a connection with others who understood what she was going through.We are proud to support The Stillbirth Foundation and the amazing work they do.

Amelia taught us to live a life full of love, grace and compassion. She gave us the precious gift of transformation, a beautiful softening, and an ability to love more deeply than ever before. We are carrying out Amelia’s legacy by living and breathing her gifts. I know Amelia is singing and dancing in the clouds and smiling down on us. Every rainbow, every sunrise and every sunset is a reminder to us of being blessed by Amelia.

Written by: Rachel Campbell

Infertility Network UK

Caroline Stafford Ran the half marathon to raise funds for Infertility Network UK September 2015

Caroline Stafford

Caroline Stafford

I ran the Robin Hood half Marathon to raise funds for Infertility Network UK. Sometimes life isn't quite as straightforward as we expect it's going to be, and the dreams we quietly hold on to of where we'll be in 1,2 or 5 years time remain just beyond our reach, leaving our hearts bruised, and making us unable to shake the feeling that we're somehow being left behind.

When Gareth and I were diagnosed with unexplained infertility l felt so overwhelmed and confused. Infertility Network have been an amazing support to us, providing us with much needed advice, information and support over the past few years and it was time to give something back to them.

It's only when you're in a particular situation that you realise just how many others are going through the same thing. I'm happy to talk about our struggles but I know a lot of people who choose to keep their journey to themselves and I know that Infertility Network is invaluable to those guys too, it can be such a lonely road to travel and we all need to hear that gentle voice telling us not to give up hope sometimes. Infertility Network provides that.

I loved every minute of the run, especially knowing I was helping such a wonderful cause.

Written by: Caroline Stafford


Kari Bengston Walked the Walk of Hope to raise funds for Resolve (June 2015)

Rachel Campbell and Sprout & Co graciously co-sponsored our team for the first annual 2015 RESOLVE Colorado Walk of Hope and helped boost us into 3rd place for the team with the most donations overall.

Kari Bengston

Kari Bengston

The walk was fantastic and we were and are so very grateful to have the support of such an amazing advocate in the fertility world!

Written by: Kari Bengston