Anything Can Be

What do those words mean to you?


They sure mean a lot to me.

They mean, that February day in 2012, sitting on a soft chair being delivered some hard news. “You’re chances of falling pregnant whether naturally or with IVF”, the doctor said “are less than 1%”.

They mean, pick ing myself up, dusting myself off and deciding that that percentage was enough for me to try. That I could trust that ever-so-muffled gut feeling, that my Sprout was out there.

They mean, that despite feeling hopeless at times, I had the power to kickstart a total lifestyle revolution and swing the odds as far in my favour as possible.

They mean researching, studying and immersing myself in ways to nourish and improve my body - and then changing career to help other women through their own unique fertility story.

They mean that despite the fertility challenges I have experienced, that I can still dream big, love more and live life.

They mean, embracing my life the way it looks while still holding hope about the way it could be.

So, what do you want these words to mean to you?

Hi! I’m Rachel Campbell; Fertility Mentor, Certified Health Coach and a girl with one big fat dream to not only grow my family, but help you grow yours too.

I’m deeply passionate about supporting, guiding and creating a community for women who are on this fertility journey, whichever path they may be taking. Because fertility isn’t a one size fits all kinda thang; we all have different situations, struggles and successes in search of our Sprouts. But regardless of our destination - we’re all in this together.

Sprout & Co. is a safe space where inspiration, connection, healing and hope flourish. My mission is to inspire bright beautiful souls riding the fertility rollercoaster to really live life, while reaching the dream to grow their family.

It’s a place for sharing the ups and downs of this game-changing journey with like-minded souls who really get where you are and what you are going through. Most of all, this community is about YOU becoming the best version of yourself, my fertile friend.

Sprout (Baby)
  • Germination of a seed; bread, emerge, shoot forth, grow, develop & nuture.
  • Foetus, baby, newborn, infant, mini-me, child, offspring.
Co. (Family)
  • Company, social unit, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.
  • Being with outhers, especially in a way that provides family, friendship, love and enjoyment.


Each day of this journey, I surrender and reach for the stars to really live life.

You see, I’ve been riding the fertility rollercoaster for 5 years now and I remain just as passionate and positive about creating our Sprout as the day I first met my hubby.

I had it all mapped out. I met the man of my dreams at 35, we were engaged by 37 and married in a whirlwind love just 3 months later (the best day of my life).

I was the happiest girl in the world and the next piece of the puzzle - the baby shaped one - seemed like a given. However 6 months after we were married… we started to worry, as our bundle of joy had still not arrived.

The seeds of doubt led us, hand in hand, to an IVF specialist, where we were told that I had severely out-of-whack hormones and a low ovarian reserve. What that all meant was this; our chances of conceiving (naturally or with IVF) were extremely low.

Though it was a hit (to say the least) we wasted no time getting to action via the medical route. For the next 12 months we underwent various medical procedures, a whole load of needles and 4 unsuccessful IVF cycles.

Of course, the emotional, physical and financial toll was huge, but in my mind one mantra kept playing;

Anything can be.


I thought that modern-day access to IVF would guarantee us a baby, as it has for so many before us. However this has not been the case for my family yet.

But, I wasn’t going to let this revelation level me.
Somewhere between the IVF office and the curious mix of devastation and hope that I was feeling, I found the strength to spark my own lifestyle revolution. I was determined to do everything in my power to nourish and nurture my fertility, and in doing so, giving my family our best chance.

I turned myself upside down and inside out, spring-cleaned and seriously overhauled my life. I learnt about nutrition, fertility, mindset and human biology. I talked with experts, connected with women and tested theories (myself as the guinea-pig) and was delighted with some success (my ovarian reserve has increased).
I learnt a lot as I worked towards a more fertile, healthy and alive me. Here’s one of those lesson;

Us Women - We Are Creators.

No matter how you feel right now, whether every fibre of your being doubts your ability to create, it is what we innately do as women.

Beyond our fertility, we are capable of creating communities, bodies, businesses and brilliant lives.
In the process of my own journey to finding my family, I created something incredible. Sprout & Co was born from my personal and professional experiences with fertility.

Since then, this community has expanded along with my education, my growing black-book of experts and my passion to create safe spaces, support networks and resources for women experiencing their own fertility challenges.

From this passion I further created my Sprout Me Fertility Programs and have been working 1:1 with women as their journey continues to unfold. You can read all about the program (which is tailored to your body and life) over here, but in the interim all I will say is that this work lights me up. When women come together, magic happens.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the philosophy entails of;

Anything Can Be



It’s been a tumultuous journey, and each and every day I surrender a little further, and blossom a whole lot more. I believe I am travelling this journey for a very special reason (as you are too).

I don’t know where we will end up (so far it’s been 5 years, 10 rounds of IVF, and way too many herbs, pills and supplements), or what else we will try, but I do know that this entire experience (no matter how hard) has given me the opportunity to reconnect with my body and self-heal.

Regardless of the outcome I know that I am doing everything I can to create a healthier and fertile environment. That I’m grounded and prepared to deal with the emotional, physical and mental challenges that the fertility journey has brought and may continue to bring. That I am ready, for whatever the future brings.

And while I would desperately love a baby… I’m not desperately unhappy. Not even close.

I know, deep down, our Sprouts are out there, and when our worlds collide, it will be one hell of a glorious day. In the meantime, I’m continually learning to surrender, live and love my life, thrive and just BE the best person I can.

I believe that this journey might have been the only way the universe could get me to slow down and savor my amazing life, live in the present moment, and really fall in love with myself. Maybe the same might be true for you?

So let’s end this page the way we started it.

Anything can be.

What do those words mean to you, now?

Ready to Sprout your fertility?

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